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The day has just started, and it's already 6 pm.
You woke up Monday and Friday, it's already here.

And the month comes to an end
And the year comes to an end
And it's already been 40, 50, 60 years of your life

And you realize you've lost your parents, you've lost your friends.
Then you realize it's too late to go back and live

But you can always start living... now.

You can always put some color
in your grey
and see the small things
that make you happy. …

Understand the problem. Accept the problem. Solve the problem.

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A child's birth is always good, and something that brings the couple even closer, and makes them happier. That’s what everybody is saying and usually, they’re not wrong. But what they never tell you is the brutal truth of how much it will affect you, your partner, and your life as individuals and as a couple.

When a woman becomes a mother it’s magical! She has a whole new person to make her feel full and happy. It is a wonderful time to bond with her baby and start feeling really needed for the first time in her life. …

Givvy is a completely free application that helps you earn some cash.

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Today everyone is trying to make some money by doing nothing… ok let's be honest, all of us have tried at least once some application or game that was said you can earn real money from. Who wouldn't, really? Just relaxing while cash comes to your account? The thing is… nobody will give you money that easy!

There are some apps that help you gather something like 0.000001 bitcoin for every X points you get in the app… but I wouldn't really say it's worth the time and the effort. …

Tips on how to become a better you

Trying to get better at what I do and how I feel every day, I found some tips that actually helped me to become a greater version of myself. Some small and easy steps that improved the quality of my days, and I highly recommend everyone should follow at least some of them too.

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Set goals

It is not really necessary to put them on the fridge or on your nightstand to see them every day. This will only make you feel pressured, and if not else, will slow you down from achieving them. Write your goals down and leave the paper…

This is a personal opinion on the series

Image by the author — screenshot of the movie

Books and movies review

I had heard of Hessa months ago but the truth is I never watched the movie because I thought it was one of those teenage movies that are not worth my time, and being a full-time mum does not give you a lot of time to be wasted. Then about a month and a half ago, a friend of mine said that watched it and cried a lot and me being all in for drama and crying movies (since not a lot of them actually get me) I found both movies and watched them in a day.

My first impression…

You just don't know it yet

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You should put yourself to sleep early. The day starts from the night. Before you go to sleep, you should have organized your next day. On paper with a pen, if you have to. Don’t let anything for tomorrow. The days become months, and the months, years. You live only once. Make it count!

You should have yourself a notebook with goals and follow them. Scratch, rewrite and improve them. This is the way to keep going, keep moving forward.

If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever…

What are the simple things we do every day that make us look or even feel older than we really are?

Do you know what hormonal imbalances, alcohol, and not taking a shower after exercise have in common? All three contribute the same helping our body look older than it actually is. Sounds weird, or even funny, really! And yet, these, and many more affect us in the same way: they make us age faster! And who really wants that?

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You sit for long

People who follow a sedentary lifestyle, especially due to work, and are forced to spend the biggest part of the day sitting and do not have much free time to exercise, after research and tests seem to be physically and mentally…

Tyana Wolff

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